The team returned to Goodwood Kartways for the second round of the 2018 season. Better weather meant full grids in every division. No more hiding from the cold.

After unloading the kart from garage K-12, mechanic Christopher and co-mechanic Chris got to work on the #7 machine. Warmer conditions meant changes were needed to the kart.

Daniel drove strong in both practice sessions, reducing his lap times by a second in FP2 to finish 16th. For the first time since last August, Daniel got a fresh set of slicks for qualifying.


Unfortunately, Daniel was out of the draft, qualifying by himself on track. He only improved his time by one tenth. Team boss Darryl commented that with the draft, Daniel could have “improved by five tenths”. Daniel entered the pre-final disappointed with qualifying, but optimistic for the opportunity ahead.


Daniel had a mediocre start, losing one place before turn one. He battled a pack of drivers, losing and gaining positions throughout the race, finishing 15th.

When Daniel came off the track, Christopher had advice for Daniel. He told Demaras that he was turning too sharply and not giving himself enough room on exit, overheating his tires in the process. Daniel took the lesson to heart, and planned to improve in the final.


Co-mechanic Chris was busy at work creatively taping up the front bumper.

Daniel had a better start in the final, making one pass, then passing two karts which had tangled. Later, one kart went down his inside, followed by about four more. Daniel spent the rest of his race avoiding people who had gone off and being involved in battles of his own to finish 16th.


After the race, Chris and Daniel went to see their old team. Former teammate Jon had finished third that day, all while James watched Daniel on track.


“It was a tricky day, but considering the size of the field I’m satisfied with my midfield finish. We’re coming up on two big events now, so all the practice I’ll be doing with PRO will definitely help me out. I’ve been having a great time with them so far, and it’s only going to get better.” – Daniel.


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