At the Track with PRO

One of the big benefits to the PRO team is the extensive amount of driver training available. Both Curtis Fox and Darryl Timmers provide private coaching sessions to racers looking to improve their racecraft. But on Monday, Daniel Demaras really lucked out, as he had both Darryl coaching off track, and professional racecar driver James Vance on track (in Darryl’s championship winning kart) to show the fast line.


Goodwood is a busy track, and at one point, rental karts were sent out for kids looking for some fun. Vance used the opportunity to get measured for a new race suit, his tailor Chris Demaras skillfully using measuring tape better suited to 2×4’s..

Darryl provided some real insights for Daniel, helping him to better understand the concepts of weight transfer, tire contact patch and braking zones. Once the rental karts were put back in the garage, the Briggs and Vortex machines went back out on track for a second session, starting to apply the lessons of the day.

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