Arrive & Drive series are just so much fun. Sure, the karts aren’t as fast as the latest from Tony Kart and CRG, and the Honda engines probably haven’t seen a dyno…ever. But with no tuning, tools, gear changes or tire pressure changes all you have to do is drive.


At the end of an afternoon of driver training with PRO, Daniel jumped into an A&D kart for some fun. A few years of experience, combined with an afternoon of training gave Daniel the competitive edge to be fastest in qualifying, followed by a flag to flag finish in 1st place.


Chris Demaras hadn’t been on track at Goodwood Kartways in 18 months. He competed in the Mosport CRKC last year, and multiple trips to K1 Speed have given him some seat time.

“It’s just like falling off a bike. You think you know how to do it, you try, you fail, you get back on and try again.” commented Demaras. Chris qualified and finished his race in 3rd place, not making any real progress (clearly, still rusty).

Even professional racecar driver James Vance got in on the action, substituting for Chris on first practice, much to the amusement of the guys at the PRO team.


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