CRKC 2 – Wednesday Podium

The switch to racing at Goodwood this year means Daniel and Chris can make it to the track in 35 minutes…and be home after an event in time for dinner. So, another Wednesday night CRKC event for the Demaras Auto Racing Team.

Immediately comfortable with the lack of grip, and ‘drift’ style of driving, Daniel set some quick times in practice, eventually qualifying second under darkening skies.

Daniel chased down the leader, passing him on turn 4, before being re-passed the following lap at turn 5. It was an exciting back and forth battle, but Daniel was a little too polite in dispatching a lapped kart, dropping back out of reach for a final pass on the last lap. Still, a great result.

Chris brought his old race suit out of storage, expecting the same rainstorm that was pelting Toronto to reach Uxbridge. The races remained mostly dry, and Chris brought his kart home in 4th place, for 5 points in his championship hunt.

Daniel commented on how stress-free CRKC is compared to club racing. “It’s so relaxed. Sure, people are still competing, but you don’t have to change tires, gears or chassis setup. It’s really a relaxing evening, and if you don’t win, there’s no hanging your head in shame. It’s all just for fun.”

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