2018 was quite a year! I drove my first motorized vehicle and went go-karting three times! I had already wrote about my experience at Goodwood, (read it here demaras.com/i-slammed-my-foot-on-the-gas/)  so now I will tell my new story.


On December 30th, I went to K1 Speed. In my first race, I was just up against a racer girl. Already on the first lap, I was speeding past her. I beat her by a mile! By the end of my first race I set a 34 second lap and I won my first go-kart race!

While Daniel started his race, and I got ready for my next race. This time there were 3 other racers. They were a lot bigger than me, but I didn’t worry. I led the full 1st lap, but eventually, I was passed. I remember in the last turn, I crashed into the wall. I spun for just a second, and I got going again. At the end of that race, I actually came in last, but I improved to a 32 second lap.


As I was getting ready for my final race of the night, this time I was up against 8 other racers! They were all older and more experienced. In the first lap, I was doing pretty good, but then I got passed. In that race, I got bumped, spun and passed a million times, but I ended up in 6th. After the checkered flag when we were going around the track again, another racer girl crashed into me. It was very loud. My head flung back and strained my neck. At the end of that race, I found out my best time was 30 seconds. The record in the Junior Karts is 27 seconds, so I’m getting faster!


I had a great year! Who knows what might happen this year!

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