After a few days of fun in California, Daniel Demaras visited K1 Speed in Irvine to see how the track differs from his home track in Toronto.

The Irvine location is much bigger, and has two separate tracks within the same building. Daniel sampled Track 1 to see the level of grip on an asphalt track, compared to the concrete track in Canada.

The track manager Daisy extended Daniel the courtesy of a no-charge membership to the track, and some practice laps. Daniel was fastest in his first three sessions on track, setting a 23.750 second lap. He met fellow competitor Brendan Radzely from Illinois, who’ll be competing in the US Championships.

Old friend, K1 big-shot, and overall cool guy Uli greeted Chris and Daniel to the track, and let the cat out of the bag. All 3 tracks that the K1 World Championship would be decided at would be run in reverse. No amount of practice would help, no ‘home track advantage’ would be possible. The championship would be decided on ability to adapt and driver’s skill.

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