It’s been more than three years since Daniel Demaras last raced at K1 Speed in Irvine, California. The track was the scene of the first (and so far, only ) K1 Speed World Championship. So much has changed since then.

During the 2019 trip to California, Demaras was able to secure 3rd place in the event, proudly representing Canada on the podium. He qualified again for the 2020 race, but the event has been on hold.

Demaras recently returned to California, and made sure to stop by the Irvine headquarters to see familiar faces, and the old track. The place looks great, as it continues to be modernized and updated. The podium Daniel stood on a few years ago is still there, waiting for him to step up again.

In the years since his last visit to California, the K1 Circuit has finally been built, and will the 2023 K1 Speed World Championships early next year. With some luck on the scheduling, Daniel will return to California in the spring, to compete in his first kart race in a year and a half. As K1 Speed locations continue to grown, Daniel doesn’t get to visit the kart track as much as he once did. Now focused on racing cars, Demaras still proudly wears the K1 Speed logo over his heart. This place will always be special to him.

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