The ‘idea behind the SO YOU WANNA BE A RACE CAR DRIVER?’ was born from a few experiences.

Part of the inspiration came from Anthony Simone, race car driver and owner of the NSM kart racing team. Years ago, he gave kart racing champions, including Daniel Demaras, the opportunity to drive his NASCAR Pinty‘s Series car as a reward for the excellent seasons.

Also, last Christmas’ food drive “Nobody Can Run on Empty’ really proved to that even a small group of dedicated people can motivate their community to give generously, even during tough financial times.

The members of Demaras Racing just put the ideas together. For a small charitable donation, competitors have a chance to win a drive in a race car. But credit for the success of this event must go to K1 Speed and their most regular of regular customers, who were all over this chance. Despite a fundraising target of $1,000 (20 racers, $50 each) the total online donations reached $2,587, plus whatever amount of cash donations will be collected at the event.

Big thanks also to event sponsors who donated such great items to the prize packages for all the competitors.

  • K1 Speed in Irvine, California (thanks Ryan)
  • Scarboro Subaru (thanks Guy, Tony and Kareem)
  • Canadian F1200 Championship series (thanks Phil)
  • Melanoma Canada (thanks Falyn)
  • Nostalgia Coffee Co. (thanks Glenda)
  • Reeve Webster Racing (thanks Trevor)
  • The Racing Topic podcast (thanks Chad)

Today’s event is already a success before the first race has even been run. Thank you to the sponsors, donors and competitors of the event, in support of Melanoma Canada.

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