Saturday was one of the strangest days Daniel and Chris have ever spent at K1 Speed tomorrow. The plan was to get to the track the fay before the ‘SO, YOU WANNA BE A RACE CAR DRIVER?’ event to bring in display items like trophies, pictures and race gear to put next to the car. At the font entrance, there’s a dummy standing guard next to Paul Tracy’s IndyCar. It’s dressed in a K1 race suit and helmet. The decision was made to strip it.

Chris grabbed the shoulders and Daniel the legs. Customers stopped and stared as the mannequin was carried through the building. Daniel’s Taylord Designed helmet was placed on the dummy’s head, the long long eyelashes had many believing this was a female. But once veteran K1 staffer Ray stripped its clothing off, the torso was clearly male. This didn’t seem to make Daniel feel any better.

Young Daniel looked disturbed by the sight. His own personal race suit and helmet stood looking back at him. Familiar, but in an out of body experience sort of way.

Tomorrow is the big day. Everything at the track is set up. The ‘swag bags’ are packed. The competitors are ready. Whoever win the drive in the F1200 car, this will undoubtedly be one of the most unique events that K1 Speed has ever hosted.

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