Just amazed at what Taylor Lawson dreamt up. With some rough ideas from the customer, he went beyond what anyone could have anticipated.

The retro-looking lid belongs to Chris Demaras. With inspiration from the iconic helmets of Didier Pironi and Keke Rosberg, Lawson added in some a Michael Schumacher-esque grid on top. It’s a modern Bell Racing helmet that’s been airbrushed to evoke memories of racing heroes of the past.

Daniel Demaras’ helmet is the third in a series. His original Scorpion helmet was budget priced for kart racing, and selected because of it’s high-visibility colour scheme. Next was Daniel’s Arai karting helmet, custom painted with blacked out eye-port and contrasting white crown. The latest helmet takes the original design, and pushes it further

Airbrushed details throughout the helmet bring depth to the design, emphasizing key elements. A unique fluorescent yellow and green design has been added to the to of the lid, while silver leaf pinstriping breaks up the blocks of colour.

Even simple blacked-out areas hide images of gears and wheels, visile only when the bright sunlight hits the gold powder dusted over black paint.

The results were so impressive that the team has contracted Lawson’s company Taylord Design to paint Daniel Demaras’ F1200 ride. His services are in demand, but if you want top-quality work, you can reach him at (905) 246-1159 or taylorddesigns53@gmail.com.

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