Competitors in the ‘SO, YOU WANNA BE A RACE CAR DRIVER?’ charity fundraising race put in some incredible lap times during Qualifying Week at K1 Speed Mississauga and K1 Speed Toronto. And the generosity of donors has just been overwhelming!

Sine the Toronto racers have ‘home track’ advantage, we’ve placed Mississauga racers one position above their Toronto counterparts, in the interests of fairness.


  1. Trishan Randima (K1 Speed Mississauga)
  2. Oliver Soriano (K1 Speed Toronto)
  3. Taras Michalik (K1 Speed Mississauga)
  4. Jason Fung (K1 Speed Toronto)
  5. Greg Zetko (K1 Speed Mississauga)
  6. Marshall Crocker (K1 Speed Toronto)
  7. Daniel Lopez (K1 Speed Mississauga)
  8. Miles McDonald (K1 Speed Toronto)
  9. Michael Poulin (K1 Speed Toronto)
  10. Francesco Vigliatore (K1 Speed Toronto)

The LCQ is seriously important, as the podium finishers will advance to the Final Race, completing our grid of 10 racers.


  1. Nathan Wilkie (Top Donation)
  2. Logan Ploder (Donation)
  3. Nicolas Mariotti (Donation)
  4. Tyler Illidge (Mississauga P1 Qualifier)
  5. Gobindar Sandhu (Toronto P1 Qualifier)
  6. Shehan Sabapathimudiyanselage (Mississauga P2 Qualifier)
  7. Christian Tyler Dadula (Toronto P2 Qualifier)
  8. LCQ First Place Finisher
  9. LCQ Second Place Finisher
  10. LCQ Third Place Finisher

Who will stand on the podium?
Who will taste the victory champagne?

Who will get to drive the Formula 1200 race car?!

It’s all to play for this Sunday, November 27th, 2022. Join us between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm at K1 Speed Toronto. The winner of the ‘SO, YOU WANNA BE A RACE CAR DRIVER?’ fundraising race in support of Melanoma Canada wins a drive in the No. 12 Vallis Motor Sport F1200 race car.

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