The CRFKC (Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge) has been renewed and renamed the MRFKC, the MOTOMASTER Ron Fellows Karting Championship. MOTOMASTER is Canadian Tire’s private-label brand, and has been selling affordable, quality spark plugs, tires and auto parts since 1934.

In honour of the momentous change, Chris Demaras, senior driver of the Demaras Auto Racing Team, went straight to Canadian Tire and bought a can of MOTOMASTER Moustache Wax.

Aside from being the unofficial store for karting tools and supplies, Canadian Tire owns Mosport Kartways (and the big track at CTMP) and is a strong supporter of amateur racing, including karting, in Canada.

“Canadian Tire is a proud supporter of the development of young racers in Canada, and we are excited to extend our support to the MOTOMASTER Ron Fellows Karting Championship. This series, along with the MOTOMASTER ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships, will be the cornerstones of youth driver development in Canada, and we look forward to seeing young drivers develop in a healthy and competitive environment.”

Andrew Davies,
Senior Vice President, Automotive at Canadian Tire Corporation.

For the whole story, read Cody Schindel’s article on CKN.,

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