When you go to the Canadian Tire to buy some Motomaster parts to make your four-banger go faster, and this guy is in the parking lot making you feel like less of a man.

Then a grandma walks out the store and pops a bag of potting soil into the trunk, making you re-think your pre-conceived notions.

3 thoughts on “You Wanna Go Faster

  1. What a gorgeous car!
    I could not stop laughing while reading this post. Especially because something similar happened to me. Some time ago I parked at Longos grocery store and immediately spotted a Mclaren, parked not too far from my spot. While I was admiring the car, I saw a 60 something years old, east indian lady, approaching me. She smiled, opened the McLaren’s door, got in and left.
    I didn’t see that coming. Not in a million years.

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