This Fernando Alonso guy in inspiring. Even when he doesn’t win, he’s a champ!

Stage 10 of the 2020 Dakar Rally saw Fernando Alonso’s Toyota Hilux was sent into a double barrel-roll when the racing legend took way too much speed over a sand dune. He was really trying, going for a career first stage win.

While he initially drove away from the crash scene, Alonso stopped further up the road so he and co-driver Marc Coma could change two punctured tires and a broken suspension arm.

Since the windshield was cracked from the impact, making visibility impossible, Alonso and Coma decided to remove it and drive the rest of the 534 km stage without a windshield!.

“I’m fine. As soon as we started, we had the roll – but other than that it was a good day, we’re here. We didn’t lose much, just some places, and I don’t mind if I’m sixth or 13th either way. I’m so lucky to still be in the Dakar, to stay in this tough race.”

“We don’t give up, and we didn’t come here to ride around. I’m trying to win stages … Today I wanted to win. You can fail, but you can’t not try.”

“I know it’s the news of the day, there were a thousand people waiting in every place, but look, we were lucky. To be 14th overall in my first Dakar, just a small setback where we lost a few minutes – but that’s the tone of the Dakar, there are others who didn’t finish.”

Throughout his racing career, Alonso has received more than his share of criticism. From leaving world championship winning Renault, to conflicts at McLaren, abandoning Ferrari and criticizing engine supplier Honda. But since leaving F1 he’s won the FIA World Endurance Championship, 24 Hours of Le Mans and 24 Hours of Daytona. His desire to compete in iconic races as diverse as the Indianapolis 500 and Dakar Rally show that he’s a different breed.

Alonso is a true racer, and there is no giving up in him. He is always pushing, always trying for the win.

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