The GoPro Challenge GP returned for Round 2 of the 2020 season. After a thrilling opening round, twenty-seven of K1 Speed’s top drivers arrived again to battle for top times and race victories. Ivano Di Vittorio, Alexander Bisaga and Adrian Abeijon looked to continue their form after wins in Round 1 while everyone else looked to take the fight to the championship leaders. But unpredictable qualifying times had some drivers out of their normal groups, with one competitor commenting “My lap time out there today was a personal worst!”.

Andrew Busnello took pole in Group 3 ahead of Ivan Vidovic and Igor Tkachuk. Busnello would go on to dominate the race and take the win, with Marcello Mariani finishing second after starting fourth on the grid. Mr. Consistency Igor Tkachuk qualified third, and finished third, improving on his Round 1 result. Nicholas Barnsdale moved up two places to finish fifth, and Gareth Stackhouse finished eighth in his series debut.

In Group 2, defending champion Kevin Lazarus took pole position ahead of Terry Mueller. A ‘miracle lap’ by Chris Demaras in qualifying bumped him from Group 3 to Group 2 where he’d line up third on the grid. While Lazarus lead the entire race, an intense battle went on behind him. Ivano Di Vittorio moved up two positions to finish second, Terry Mueller finished third, and Victor Zdansi made two positional passes to finish fourth. Muzzamil Qureshi had a spectacular race, going from last in qualifying to a fifth place result.

In Group 1, Adrian Abeijon qualified on pole ahead of ahead of Scenic Gopi, whose performance was much improved over the previous week. Alessio Alves, the 2019 Challenge GP runner-up, went on a charge, passing Gopi and Abeijon for the win. Marcello Nalli finished fifth, right behind Daniel Demaras, despite Nalli having started seventh in the closely contested race.

After Round 2, Alessio Alves leads the championship, only 2 points ahead of Marcello Nalli and Daniel Demaras (tied for second) and 4 points ahead of Scenic Gopi. Ivano Di Vittorio was leading the championship going in to Round 2 but slipped back to 5th place. Only six points back, he’s well within striking distance. With such a close points battle, the GoPro Challenge GP looks set to be a hard fought and closely contested championship.

1. Alessio Alves242751
2. Marcello Nalli262349
3. Daniel Demaras252449
4. Scenic Gopi222547
5. Ivano DiVittorio281745
6. Alec Pavese232245
7. Kevin Lazarus211839
8. Alexander Bisaga181937
9. Terry Mueller201636
10. Adrian Abeijon92736
11. Rocco Crimeni132134
12. Fabio Oliveira122032
13. Alexander Chong191231
14. Patrice James171128
15. Muzzammil Qureshi141428
16. Victor Zdanski111526
17. Andrew Busnello16925
18. Ivan Vidovic15621
19. Chris Demaras81321
20. Marcello Mariani7815
21. Justin Phillips41014
22. Nicholas Barnsdale10313
23. Igor Tkachuk6713
24. Rafael Roschel549
25. John Blackwood257
26. Tobiah Adam325
27. Adam Sawicki101
28. Gareth Stackhouse011

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