Norris McDonald of the Toronto Star wrote an excellent article outlining the conflicts emerging over the FIA’s appointment of Francois Dumontier (promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix) and Ron Fellows (co-owner of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park) as the new the national sporting authority in Canada under the name GDS, Groupe de Development Sportif.

The article explored the accusation that Dumontier and Fellows appointment as the new ASN (Autorité Sportive Nationale) for Canada violates the FIA’s Code of Conduct, statute 2.2, which specifically states that promoters may not be part of an ASN.

There has been an ongoing conflict between Mosport Karting Centre and Goodwood Kartways. With Ron Fellows now taking a position of authority regarding motorsports in Canada, and being on one side of the dispute between the two famed karting tracks, the hope that an impartial ASN would mediate the dispute has evaporated.

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