Good news is hard to find during these challenging times in 2020. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was so scarce two months ago that locals had to 3D print shields and hand-sew masks for hospitals! Canada is so reliant on foreign manufacturers of PPE that the situation reminds many of a 70’s oil crisis!

Less than a year ago, Canada faced another hardship, when the 100+ year old GM Oshawa plant was closed, despite winning multiple quality and productivity awards.

Capitalism has an ugly side.

Now, in response to the shortfalls in PPE production exposed by the pandemic, General Motors of Canada has been contracted to make ten million face masks. While only 60 workers is a far cry from thousands of workers over 3 shirts who built Camaros and Impalas, it is the first new business the car plant has seen since shutting down in 2019.

When the crisis began, and shortages of PPE became evident, GM repurposed the Oshawa in less than a month. It was licensed to manufacture medical devices in April 22, installed the needed equipment, and created special “clean rooms” with for manufacturing. The ten million GM masks are being made at cost for the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Demaras Racing is proud to see a car company like GM, with it’s long history in Canada, helping on the Road to Recovery!

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