The Motorsports division at Briggs & Stratton, LLC has released the Briggs 206 Rule Set for the 2021 racing season, effective December 14, 2020. The 2021 Rule Set returns to the tradition of minor changes which has led to the platform becoming the “go-to” engine for 4-cycle kart racers worldwide.

“We made great strides in last year’s update to clarify key components and secure our long-term growth and stability,” says Dan Roche, Director Motorsports.  “This year, we took the opportunity to add a new RLV header for karts with the engine on the driver’s left side, and officially allowed quick-release throttle linkages and magnetic oil drain plugs.  Outside of that, we added some clarity to the carburetor inspection process to assist our valued technical inspectors, that’s it!”

Rule Update: New RLV EXF5511 Exhaust Header Introduction

Recognizing the growth in left-hand driven karts, the new RLV EXF5511 is a complete kit that mirrors the standard and very popular EXF5507 in terms of design and structural support.  RLV, the exclusive provider of exhaust systems for the Briggs 206 program, will distribute the new header through their dealer network.  The current “candy cane” 5506 (now the EXF5520) may still be used in 2021, but will be under evaluation for the future 2022 Briggs 206 Rule Set.

Rule Clarification: Carburetor Inspection Process

While the Rule Set is not intended to be a technical procedures manual, Briggs Motorsports is leveraging the wide distribution of the Rule Set to assist technical inspectors in their efforts.

“We truly appreciate those in the tech barn who commit so much time and effort to ensuring a level playing field for 206 racers.  Since many of them are volunteers, we wanted to provide a bit more detail in terms of the carburetor inspection process,” said Roche.

A cutaway illustration and a six-step sequence are included in the 2021 Rule Set to provide added detail and consistency.

“We’ve all had enough changes in 2020.  The entire team at Briggs Motorsports is really looking forward to the upcoming season and we’re extremely grateful to the racers, families, crews, volunteers and other sponsors who help make 206 racing as rewarding as it is,” Roche concludes.

For the full 2021 Rule Set, visit or download HERE.

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