Goodwood in December

Demaras Racing made a quick trip up to Stouffville to check out the 2021 Intrepid karts, with their new and improved braking system. Seeing the place so desolate was kind of eerie, but laying eyes on the new Turn 1 wall for the first time made the trip worth it. Such a huge improvement.

In 2021 Goodwood Kartways will graduate 31 A&D drivers up to club level racing in TRAK competition. In the 12 years of the CRKC program’s existence, this represents the largest graduating class ever:

  • 9 in Briggs Cadet
  • 4 in Briggs Junior Lite
  • 4 in Briggs Junior
  • 7 in Briggs Senior
  • 2 in Briggs Masters
  • 1 in Rok Junior
  • 4 in VLR Masters

As off-season seminars begin, simulator training continues, and pre-ordered karts arrive from Italy, these new drivers don’t know how good they’ll have it in spring training without the infamous Turn 1 wall waiting for them.

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