Everyone is familiar with Santa’s sleigh. It’s been landing on rooftops for more than a century. The flying reindeer are able to propel jolly old St. Nick to 1,000 km per second…the speed required to deliver toys to every kid on earth in one night.

But as any classic car aficionado can tell you, today’s modern vehicles can provide comfort only dreamed of in years past. So how would car companies of today re-imagine Santa’s sleigh?


If Ford can transform the Mustang from muscle car to electric SUV, they can certainly work that blue oval magic on Santa’s sleigh.


American muscle may not be elegant or pretty, but it has the reindeer power needed to haul the precious toys for tots at breakneck speed.

Land Rover

Clearly, English firms lead the pack. Case in point, Land Rover looks the more like an Olympic bobsled with enclosed wheels. No consideration for cargo, and surprisingly the colour scheme does away with traditional red in favour of silver, gunmetal grey and electric blue.


The Bentley boys design adds the high-end style of a luxury cruiser, with room for one special reindeer. Limited room in the boot requires Santa’s sack to be towed behind the Bentley, a safety concern in some neighbourhoods.


Very little effort from the men at Maranello on this project. Why mess with perfection.

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