Personal Project

Black Swan Racing’s entry in the 24 Hours of Daytona has been withdrawn after team owner and driver Tim Pappas contracted the virus. Pappas, Larry ten Voorde, Patrick Pilet, and Patrick Lindsey were set to race the Porsche 911 GT3 at the opening race of the sports car season.

“…I made the tough decision to withdraw the team. Unlike some teams, Black Swan is really a personal program and as such, if I cannot compete, neither will the team…”

Tim Pappas, Black Swan Racing

Remember that old saying ‘THERE IS NO I IN TEAM’?

We got it, Tim. You’re a gentleman driver. It’s your car, it’s your money, it’s your team. You call the shots. But perhaps all those crew members, the men who do the wrenching, the guy that drives the hauler, and your world-class co-pilots Pilet, ten Voorde and Lindsey might believe that Black Swan Racing did have the choice to recruit a replacement driver so that the whole team didn’t have to miss the race.

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