This past season, KartStars Canada’s travelling roadshow was initially supposed to visit the Point Pelee Karting Club’s home track, but the pandemic had other things in mind. The eent was cancelled and KartStars visited 3S Sutton instead. Local Toronto area racers got to know members of the PPKC when they competed at Goodwood and Innisfil…including Leamington track owner Jason Papp.

This week, our new friend Jason posted some pictures of himself as a youngster racing for glory back in the 1980s. We just had to post them on partly because the naked karts look so raw without the bodywork, but also because the custom painted helmet and suit on No. 91 look totally rad.

Demaras Racing looks forward to finally hooking the trailer up and driving out to Point Pelee for a race weekend in 2021!

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