Villeneuve Kart

Jacques Villeneuve has launched his own brand of racing kart. There was a time when every kart racer in Canada…hell, every aspiring race car driver in the world…knew the name Jacques Villeneuve. Son of the late, great Gilles Villeneuve, young Jacques was racing royalty. He won the 1995 Indy 500 and CART Indy Car Championship before claiming the 1997 Formula One champion crown.

Many of today’s kart racers were still in diapers before Jacques left F1. In the 25 years since becoming Canada’s only F1 Champion, he’s competed in NASCAR and Formula E but without the same level of success, but he’s still racing royalty to Canadian motorsports fans.

Some current F1 pilots like Charles LeClerc and Daniel Ricciardo have karts brands, so perhaps the Villeneuve kart signals the start of something new in the Canadian karting landscape We’re excited to find out!

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