Press Release: Team SGR Advanced Driving

One year ago on March 17, 2020, Ford declared a state of emergency in Ontario and everything changed overnight. On some days, it feels like time is moving so slowly and on others, it feels like a year of our lives has gone by in a flash. 

But amazingly there is another side. The frantic pace with which we all used to run from place to place, from one commitment to another probably wasn’t entirely a good thing either. We have all been forced to pause. And pit. Box, box!

Granted this pit stop is lasting too damn long and we are all eager to hit the go button but maybe when we come out the other side, we can find a better balance between pause and play. 

With daylight savings behind us and spring around the corner, we are about ready to release our registration links for our official schedule for 2021. Please mark the calendar dates below if you’d like to map out your motorsport months ahead and join us!

2021 Team SGR Driver Training / Lapping Date Schedule Preview

  • Saturday April 17 & Sunday April 18 at CTMP Grand Prix Track (BIG TRACK)
  • Friday June 4 at CTMP DDT
  • Friday July 23 at CTMP DDT
  • Sat Aug 21 at TMP with the Canadian Volvo Club Contingent
  • Sat Oct 16 at CTMP DDT

Stay tuned for more details shortly, as we continue our very best to organize and host the best track experiences for our community despite the ongoing circumstances.

The worst may be yet to come but vaccines are coming. Often things are at hardest just before we turn a corner to a better place. Remember to keep your eyes up, hit the apex and squeeze the throttle!

Warmly with lots of strength, courage and respect,

Team SGR Advanced Driving

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  1. Do you do basic training with the drivers own vehicle? I have a stock 1991 miata and looking for a “track day” to learn how to drive it properly without me doing anything stupid. Let me know – thanks, Shawn.

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