As master mechanics continue working on the WRX’s brakes, Daniel and Chris have spent weeks checking scrapyards and searching online. Finally, a set of BBS wheels (rare, extra-cost option on the 2003 Subaru WRX) were located in Brampton. It’s so strange looking for factory original parts on a car that usually gets modified!

The German / Japanese wheels were high quality parts, yet often discarded back in the day for a set of popular aftermarket wheels. The timeless split-spoke design suits a car of this vintage. Sadly, this set of wheels had been on ‘snow tire’ duty for a year, and were a little rough.

The model RK 028 is a very traditional BBS style wheel; thin spokes and a wide lip. Very elegant. Daniel has become an expert at steaming and scrubbing wheels during the WRX project, and brought new life to the old rims.

Unfortunately, one of the centre caps was missing. While while Daniel worked on the wheels, Chris’ online search turned up a replacement cap at a Mississauga speed shop.

On the positive, the previous owner of the WRX left an unopened package of black, extended, open-end lug nuts in the trunk. They look pretty good on these wheels, now that everything is cleaned up.

The WRX now has a set of 16″ original wheels for winter, and 17″ optional wheels for summer. Now to select tires!

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