May 28, 2022


This weekend, there were two big wrecks in open-wheel racing series.

During the F1 race, Williams F1 driver George Russel made contact with Mercedes’ Valteri Bottas. The first driver through the debris field was Kimi Raikkonen, and he pelted with carbon fiber pieces. Then, on lap lap 1 of the IndyCar race, Team Penske driver Josef Newgarden spun on the main straight, and was nearly T-boned by Andretti Auutosport’s Ryan Hunter-Reay. The suspension on Newgarden’s car was destroyed, and his wheel was attached only by its wheel tether. The wheel bounced off the Aeroscreen without injury to the driver.

Both the HALO and Aeroscreen would have equally helped protect RHR from the large wheel and tire. But the shortcoming of the HALO is that it does not protect the driver from small projectiles like gravel, wheel nuts or carbon fiber shards. The Aeroscreen would have shielded Raikkonen from the hail storm of debris he drove into. It’s encouraging that safety developments have come so far in recent years.

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