Daniel and Michelle grew up around cars. Their grandfather Bill had two Subaru XTs and two Foresters, mom Alice had a 2nd gen Impreza then a 3rd gen WRX, and dad Chris has had his Subaru SVX for nearly a decade, often taking his kids to car shows in it.

It makes sense that Daniel’s first car would be a Subaru WRX. Now 17, Daniel helped in locating, purchasing and even restoring some parts on the 2003 model.

Daniel delivered to the body shop a set of ‘twisted’ style side skirts to replace the damaged originals. They’re in good shape, no cracks, but they’ll get a fresh coat of paint too. The skirts came off an STi in Japan, then through a JDM parts shop in Virginia called J-Spec Auto Sports, and finally to Demaras Racing in Toronto. It’ll be such a subtle modification using OEM parts that most people wouldn’t even notice.

The WRX is still in pieces, and a long way from the paint booth. But looking closely at the Bugeye reveals that the Subie-Saver patch panels have been welded in to the rear fenders, and a brand new OEM front fender finally made it onto a car after waiting 17 years in a warehouse.

And Michelle? She’s too young to drive, but is quite interested in the 1976 Corvette parked next to Daniel’s car.

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