Cody Schindel, head honcho at Canadian Karting News, was at Goodwood Kartways on Saturday; the first stop on the CKN Summer Tour with coverage of major karting events across Canada. Schindel wrote a great article that helped capture the moment which officially kicked off kart racing season!

We travelled to Goodwood Kartways on Saturday, June 19 for the first TRAK club race of the year and weren’t disappointed. Over 136 entrants filled up the majority of the spaced-out paddock and while karts weren’t allowed to start their engines before 10:00 AM, music played over the loudspeakers to welcome everyone in and keep the mood light throughout the morning.

The CKN article noted the growth of the TRAK series, with 146 entrants in Saturday’s races, record breaking numbers for a season opening event at Goodwood. This included 6 Kid Karts and 25 Briggs Cadets, which shows how strong membership in the the club is now, and will be in the future.

“…We have 41 new rookies to the club this season, and 33 of those come through our Scholarship Team program designed to help our Arrive-and-Drive members make the transition to our Club racing program…”

Daniel Di Leo to CKN

Schindel also pointed out the improvements to the facility. The new podium provides a great background for proud parents’ pictures (who know Goodwood was “Since ’57”) but the biggest change was moving back ‘The Wall‘ at Turn 1. No longer concerned about a nasty incident at Turn 1, drivers were braver with their racing lines, yet not a single red flag occurred during the event. That’s amazing!

A major change at Goodwood over the winter was the moving of the corner one retaining wall. Pushed back nearly fifteen feet, it no longer sits just outside the runoff area and has absolutely changed the approach drivers have to the corner. Drivers were much braver to push through the exit of corner one without the consequences of the wall being there but also when there were any incidents that sent karts towards it, the tech pro barriers absorbed the collisions into the buffer area. In addition, karts also didn’t bounce back into the runoff area and the extra space from the excavation created an easier exit to move a kart and driver away from the high-speed section of the track.

To read the whole article, go to and make sure to follow the rest of the 2021 CKN Summer Tour.

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