~ by Chris “#16” Demaras ~

You know…last year I was winning races. A consistent podium threat. This year, two races into the season, and I’m just nowhere in the CRKC standings. I’d like to blame the kart, but who would buy that excuse from me, week after week.

On a positive note, the great thing about racing Friday Night CRKC is that I have exclusive use of the 20′ x 30′ NSM tent! Everyone else is sitting in the trunks of their cars (like me and Daniel 8 years ago) but I’ve got shelter, tables, radio, and even the LED lights on the side of Anthony Simone’s trailer.

When friends drop by, we have somewhere to hang out. Trevor knew I’d been at the track since morning practicing with Daniel, so he took mercy on me, and brought some Timmies to refuel. Bonham dropped by to offer alternative fuel for my race, and my young friend Ethan Pollack (former CRKC driver, now doing double duty in Briggs and ROK) has been unofficially mentoring me as part of the Goodwood Scholarship Program.

Not much to say about my race. I was slow. My rivals were just too fast. I qualified 5th and finished 4th, not due to any racecraft…but because someone in front of me spun out.

Even rising star #TheMigster had an off night. He must have had the same slow kart I did, because he missed the podium for the first time in forever, finishing 4th. As always, he kept his head up, and with the support of his family, will be back next round to strive for racing glory.

At the end of the event, I was glad to see my friend Andy T. was on the podium. I’ve blanked on the name of the winner, but still, the podium was incomplete. There was an error in recording the 3rd place finisher, and the dude they called up had already left. After some quick recalculation, Friday Night new guy Marc E. was awarded his bronze medal, and his girlfriend was there to see it…but it just wasn’t the same for him. So, through the magic of Photoshop, I present the Friday Night podium for Race 2.

While I was not on the podium this week, I was glad to have some friends at the track with me, but I really wish Ethan hadn’t snapped this picture of me crying after the race. The pain was just too much…

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