May 28, 2022

Race Day: 2021 TRAK Race 5

Race 5 of the 2021 TRAK season was held on Goodwood Kartways’ reverse, long-track configuration, a layout Daniel has traditionally done well on. Arriving early on Friday for practice, Cale and Daniel tested two engines back to back, different torsion bars and clutches. By the time practice was wrapped up, the team felt confident in the setup.

On race day, light drizzle that was enough to damped the track surface, making setup difficult. Conservative Chris was preaching ‘protect the equipment‘ and wanted to see rain tires on the No. 412 New Speed Motorsports kart. Before qualifying, Chris reported to the tech team, where he’d volunteered to help mark the race tires. Once Chris was removed from the decision making process, Daniel and Cale went with a new set of slicks. The result? Daniel Demaras’ first pole position of the year!

The races that followed, both the Pre-Final and the Final, were some of the closest, cleanest racing seen all day, eliminating the label Briggs ‘Masters of Disaster’.

In the previous week’s race, Demaras started from the back of the pack due to an engine change. This time it would be just as difficult starting at the sharp end of the grid, with Jeff Conte on the front row, and the always dangerous Bruno Polo right behind.

Play-by-play announcer Chad Webster predicted the race would be the ‘Conte-Demaras Show’ and the two rivals did not disappoint, with Polo also making an impressive performance. Breaking away from the pack, drafting, passing and re-passing each other. Some of the moves were dangerously close, but the Masters always left each other racing room, never made contact, and put on an incredible display of racecraft. Demaras won the prefinal by 1/100th of a second, and Conte won the Final by 2/100ths of a second.

Finishing second place two weeks running, the Daniel’s disappointment was impossible to ignore. In TRAK Race 4 he started last, and was jubilant to have finished second….this week he felt bad.

But searching for the positive, that’s five podiums from the opening five races of the season, plus a pole position (and its 25 bonus points) so it isn’t all bad. In fact, it’s a great start to the season!

Topping the podium for New Speed Motorsports was Carden Goodridge in VLR Masters. Friend of the family Matte Ferrari crushed the competition in ROK Senior, and official Demaras Racing photographer Ethan Pollack scored the first win of his ROK Junior career. Simply amazing!

Once the celebrations were over, the racers loaded up the karts and tools to prepare for the long journey to Leamington, Ontario. The next event is a double header weekend; TRAK Race 6 and KartStars Round 2 will take place at the Point Pelee Karting Club from Friday 23 July to Sunday 25 July, 2021.

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