PRESS RELEASE: Goodwood Kartways

After a popular debut at Shannonville Motorsport Part for the KartStars Canada National Championship, preparations for Round 4 of the KartStars Canada program are well underway. Taking place September 3rd through 5th, the entire KartStars Team is looking forward to a return visit to 3S Go-Karts in Sutton Ontario.

After relocating last year’s finale to the Sutton circuit twelve months ago, racers enjoyed the new experience as regional racing made its return to 3s Go-Karts. The track was new to many racers in the KartStars paddock and the positive feedback received was enough to plan a return visit. The historic track located just outside the gates of Sibbald Point Provincial Park will once again provide a twist as a different configuration will be run this time around. Known as the ‘Senna’ layout, an extra section of track will be used adding a few more technical corners and some overall length to the layout.

Registration for Round 4 is Now Open. As always discounts on race tires, fuel and oil are available to those who pre-register, with the on-line platform set to close Thursday September 2nd at 8pm.

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