Nostalgia Coffee Co. isn’t some cookie-cutter coffee shop. It’s a labour of love run by brother and sister team Glenda and Ronnie. The cafe, located at 855 O’Connor Dr. in East York, is a real ‘hub’ in the community.

Nostalgia began supporting local racer Daniel Demaras back in 2019 and together they’ve helped his charity fundraising campaigns. They even sponsored him again in 2020.

To say that times have been tough for small business over the past year is a massive understatement. Nostalgia only re-opened for indoor dining a couple months ago. Yet despite these challenging times the local eatery has extended their support of Daniel Demaras in 2021 for a third consecutive year. This one really means something. For Daniel, having the continued support of his sponsors makes him feel that they believe in his talent and abilities on the race track.

“In times like these, where businesses are struggling to stay open, it means a lot to me that that despite the challenges, Nostalgia Coffee Co. continues to sponsor my racing career. They’re an important part of East York, where I grew up. I hope the community continues to support this great, independent business, just as much as they’ve supported me over the years.”

Daniel Demaras, No. 412

When you’re in the St. Clair and O’Connor area of East York, make sure to stop by and enjoy a cappuccino at Nostalgia. They’re also available for take-out, so just give them a call at (416) 755-3675 and tell them Demaras Racing sent you!

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