The new low-cost, high-quality motorcycle helmets meets UN safety standard 22.05, and are comfortable in hot and humid climates.

Most people think of the FIA as the sanctioning body for Formula 1. While this is true, and the FIA plays a major role in regulating international motorsports, the FIA’s equally important role to advocate for safety on public roads.

According to the FIA, there are over 300 million motorcycles on the world’s roads, and a UN study indicates that more than 3 million fatalities occurred due to motorcycle crashes occurred between 2008 and 2020. Proper use of a safe helmet could have saved more than 1 million lives over that same time frame. With over 80% of the world’s motorcycles located in Asia, the FIA’s Safety Department designed a motorcycle helmet (wholesale price of $10) that was safe yet comfortable enough to wear in tropical climates.

The FIA has partnered with manufacturers to produce the helmet, and has organized regional events to launch the helmet. At the Mexican GP, all the F1 drivers presented affordable helmets inspired by their own racing helmets.

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