Autodynamics Racing

Autodynamics was one of pioneering racecar manufacturer from the earliest days of Formula Vee racing.

When the SCCA announced that Formula Vee would be included in the 1964 National Championship Runoffs, that first field of cars was made up of Autodynamics Caldwell D-1s, Formcars and Zink Cars. However, it took until 1972 for Autodynamics to win a National Championship in Formula Vee.

A young racing enthusiast by the name of J. Collow put together this video (below) which is a brief history of Autodynamics. Collow recently purchased a Caldwell D-13 and will be racing it in the upcoming 2022 season.

3 Responses

  1. Harold V. Zimdars

    Ray Caldwell, driving a Mk 1 Autodynamics FormulaVee, won the SCCA National Championship
    in 1964. If you have any questions about this, please contact me at (414) 258-8289 or E- Mail
    me at Harold Zimdars, former Autodynamics/Caldwell Midwest Distributor.

      1. Harold Zimdars

        As a former Autodynamics/Caldwell Dealer, I also raced some of the cars he produced, in SCCA Reginal, National and Inter-National events. I will have to check my Trophy Case to verify the dates.
        Ray and I became close friends and shared many ideas about the cars he built through the years. I could wright a book about this time period,.when he was developing these cars. If you have specific questions about these cars or races, please cal me at (414) 258-8289.
        Yes, I remember the 1964 season very well! Wait till I tell you the story.

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