Driving Home for Christmas

With the Holiday Food Drive complete, it was time for a speedy delivery. Hundreds of pounds of donated food was loaded into Daniel’s Subaru. The Demaras Racing driver, plus his co-pilot Michelle, headed down to the drop-off point on Queen St.

The Woodgreen Foundation operates a program called First Steps to Home which helps people experiencing homelessness or unstable housing to begin their journey off to the streets, to a real home. Woodgreen provides safe housing and support to those in need.

Zigzagging through the laneways behind 650 Queen St East, Daniel and Michelle were greeted by Lauren and Michaela from The Woodgreen Foundation. Everyone helped carefully unload the donations from the back of the blue Subaru.

Racing is a cut-throat business. Drivers try to take positions away from one another, capitalizing on another racer’s error or misfortune. When striving for glory, there are no friends on the racetrack.

But one of the first things learned at the track is that winning is done by a team working together. Drivers, mechanics, sponsors and supporters all have valuable parts to play.

A special thank you to the folks at The Woodgreen Foundation for all the good they do throughout the year.

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