With cold temperatures and snow on the ground, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to take the car out to the track. But rally racing is run under all conditions, so driving challenges from Race Lab are the perfect tonic for the winter blues.

Race Lab’s Road Driving Clinic is a fun, full day of driving on challenging roads; providing a unique learning opportunity and a great connection with other people who are passionate about driving. With events in all four seasons, you will have the opportunity to test your car control skills in a safe environment with all driving conditions including tarmac roads, snow, gravel, wet and dry.

Get the most seat time for your money and take defensive driving to a new level. Make a trip out of the city and let Race Lab instructor lead a convoy to the best public roads around.

They have created 3 levels of training for drivers with different experience.

Level 1. RDC (Tarmac) – Picturesque and interesting tarmac roads within 1.5 hour drive from Toronto. Perfect intro to Advanced and Precision Driving!

Level 2. RDC (Tarmac) – More challenging tarmac roads with advanced drills. Available for advanced students, who have previous experience.

Level 3. RDC (Mixed Surfaces) – Advanced level of roads and training. Available for advanced students, who have previous experience. For this training students should be prepared to take their vehicles on to gravel roads.

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