This weekend, Daniel Demaras and Chris Demaras will go outside their comfort zone, learning some rally racing skills with Race Lab driving instructors. The location are the twisty backroads of Parry Sound, 235 km north of Toronto. To be ready for early morning ‘driving school’, the team booked a suite at the local Grand Tappattoo Resort.

With temperatures dropping to -20°C, the roads remain completely snow covered. The low grip conditions will provide Daniel Demaras with a new experience.. After the Ian Law Racing car control school in 2020 and the Brack Racing Concepts racing school in 2021, this will be the first off-road experience for either racer.

Daniel’s “Bugeye” WRX is fueled up and ready to rally, with Chris’ GMC truck “Black Magic” playing the role of recovery vehicle, a truly challenging day is in store.

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