Good news for anyone trying to get their driver’s license.

The Ontario government is working to eliminate the road test backlog by shortening the tests. The temporary G-class road test eliminates duplicate aspects from the G2 test, including parallel parking and 3-point turns.

The final road test required to earn a full “G” driver’s licence has temporarily eliminated the need to demonstrate manoeuvres such as three-point turns and roadside stops, cutting the normally 30-minute road test in half.

The change in the final road test is in effect until March 31, 2022, in an effort to clear up the backlog of nearly 500,000 road tests, due to reduced capacity and provincial lockdowns in 2021. Before these improvements, some road tests were being booked as far in advance as 2023! A visit to the booking website by Demaras Racing reporters took 30 minutes to locate available appointments tomorrow!

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