~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

As a child, while visiting Denmark, the home of Lego, Daniel took his first semi-official driver’s test. No mere amusement park ride with cars on rails, little motorists had to steer and brake all by themselves. Legoland issued Daniel his first ‘license’ at 7 years old. Little Daniel was very proud.

Over the past 11 years Daniel has picked up a lot more experience. He’s raced karts, tested a NASCAR Pinty’s Series car, driven a Ferrari F-430 and open-wheel formula cars. Daniel has been daily driving his classic Bugeye WRX, plus taking it out for track days. All that driving helped Daniel pass his final driver’s test on his first attempt, earning a full “G” Driver’s License. When I think about the fact that Daniel had his CASC ‘Class B’ racing license, before he even had his ‘Class-G’ driver’s license, it makes me proud of him.

Licensing hasn’t always been so easy for the Demaras family. Back in the day, when my dad came over from the old country, he was already an experienced driver. But getting licensed in Canada was a problem for him, since the written test was in a ‘foreign’ language, and he couldn’t understand the questions. He failed the test 12 times trying to guess at the answers. Finally, he asked an MTO employee to read the questions to him, and he answered enough correctly pass the written test. Comparatively, parallel parking his land yacht Dodge Monaco for the actual driving test was a snap.

As for me, I did a little better than my dad, failing my test only once. It was raining the day of my driving test, so I kept the fan blowing on the windshield to de-fog it. But I was stupid enough to turn off the engine, so they wouldn’t give me a hard time for idling in the parking lot. When the instructor arrived, I turned the key and…nothing. The battery was so drained, the engine wouldn’t even crank. Immediate failure for an inoperable vehicle. Not very proud of myself that day!

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