Fitment Industries SVX

Fitment Industries released a video yesterday that does more than list the quirks and features of the Subaru SVX (talking about you, Doug DeMuro). The video explores the idea that the SVX was simply misunderstood. Sure, it had the looks of sports cars of the era like the Mitsubishi 3000 GT, Toyota Supra, and Acura NSX, bur the SVX was not a sports car.

It was big, heavy, softly-sprung, and the flat-six Boxer engine only came with a 4-speed automatic. It was designed to be a Grand Touring car like the Jaguar XJ-S and Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC. But Subaru just didn’t have the status of the ‘prestige brands’ from Germany and the UK, and the car was a flop.

Now, after 30 years as a forgotten footnote in automotive history, motoring enthusiasts are embracing and customizing the forgotten JDM legend that is the Subaru SVX.

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