This weekend at the ‘Crazy Farm’ in Markham, Ontario, Race Lab is running their first driving school of the year, and Demaras Racing will be there!

Saturday, February 5th will be the Mixed Surface Track, taking drivers on a winding winter course that will test their car control skills. Sunday, February 6th will add in the Mixed Surface Skidpad where motorists will learn about weight transfer, four-wheel drifts and pendulum turns before taking their laps of the track.

Daniel will put his Bugeye WRX through it’s paces, while Chris will leave his monster truck on the sidelines, and use one of Race Lab’s loaner Subaru Imprezas, prepared by Can-Jam Motorsports.

Take the opportunity to learn from the best in the business at Race Lab. Contact them today if you’re interested in joining the fun this weekend, because the next event isn’t until April 9th and 10th at the Millhaven Quarry.

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