Tomorrow is the big day! The chance to try out the Subaru at the Crazy Farm.

Daniel will be on track first, starting his lapping session at 8:00 am sharp with Chris joining in at 8:10 am for one hour. While Demaras Sr takes a break to recover, Demaras Jr will continue lapping until noon. Below is a video of the track at Crazy Farm, as it appears in the summer months.

Thanks to Mike Heinrich (karting competitor from Goodwood CRKC) for posting this video of him doing laps in the snow at the Crazy Farm. A vastly different experience!

After a lunch break, the track will be reconfigured into a snow-covered skidpad. Chris’ Subaru will have studded street tires, previously used in rally competition by Crazy Leo. The studs should chew up the ice, preventing it from becoming too ‘polished’ as drivers like Daniel on regular winter tires try to cope with the slick surface.

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