Leave it to the Germans to come up with something this cool!

Autotrader recently published an article explaining that Porsche is working on a project that would allow users to map their favourite local roads and upload them into driving games like iRacing or Forza Motorsports. For Ontario motorists, this could finally provide the chance to drive the OPP patrolled Forks of the Credit road…at speed!

The smartphone app titled Virtual Roads is being created by software developer Way Ahead Technologies, and simply uses existing smartphone cameras and G-sensors to record road data. The software then transforms the captured data into a virtual 3D model. Porsche’s press marketing team claims that the app can digitize an 8km long route in about an hour. Expectations for the app must remain realistic, as a smartphone app are cannot reasonably be expected to compare to the level of realism produced by hundreds of hours of laser scanning that goes into Gran Turismo’s virtual version of Laguna Seca.

Porsche hopes that drivers will choose one of Stuttgart’s stallions when uploading the Don Valley Parkway into the Assetto Corsa simulator, but any vehicle in the game can be used.

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