Van Diemen Subaru Sport 2200

Why would Subaru of Japan make a Keke Rosberg edition Subaru Justy? Seems like an odd thing to do in honour of Finland’s first Formula 1 champion. After all, Rosberg was driving a Williams FW08 powered by a Ford Cosworth DFV V8.

Rosberg was already a famous F1 pilot by the late 1970’s and he used his notoriety to try to find Finland’s next great racing driver. In the 1980’s, Keke Rosberg created the Subaru Racing Series in Finland.

A spec series using the Van Diemen Subaru Sport 2200. The car was an open cockpit, two-seat race car built by Snetterton-based Van Diemen International.

Subaru regular production parts were used, including the EJ22 engine and manual transmission. When combined with a lightweight, fully adjustable chassis design, the car produced “formula car-like” behaviour even with a standard production, four-cylinder engine (a recipe that worked in Formula Vee since the mid-60s).

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