There’s a very vanilla Subaru Justy for sale in Ontario for north of five figures. Demand (and nostalgia) is strong for retro, analog cars. There isn’t a more basic car than the Justy. But even econoboxes had special editions back in the day. Case in point, the Subaru Justy – Keke Rosberg Design.

The car is currently for sale in Finland with an asking price equal to $9,620 Canadian dollars, but it will also cost plenty to ship it across the ocean too. Most F1 fans and Subaru enthusiasts have probably never even have heard of the limited production car.

To celebrate Keke Roberg’s 1982 Formula 1 World Championship, Subaru created this special edition with a planned production run of 150 vehicles. The actual number built was just over 50 vehicles (this is No. 22 for sale), making it extremely rare.

Some of the extra features unique to the Subaru Justy – Keke Rosberg Design include:

  • Lower and stiffer suspension
  • 13” alloy wheels
  • Leather steering wheel with image of Keke Rosberg’s helmet
  • Side skirts
  • Spoiler
  • Sunroof

This is no rally-spec pocket rocket, and only boasts a “…yellow rally style stripe…”. The carbureted 1.2L, 3-cylinder engine was never a powerhouse, and the seller notes that the odometer reading of 63,470 km may in fact me 163,470 km or 263,470 km!

Mostly rust free, the vehicle does appear to have been to the body shop during its life. It’s more of a ‘survivor car’ than a museum quality vehicle. Plus… what museum would you even put this thing in?

4 thoughts on “Subaru Justy – Keke Rosberg Design

  1. Very interesting little machine, thanks for sharing!!! Of course, being such a rare edition makes it even more interesting, but I bet Keke would rather have his name on some exotic European sportscar.

    1. My thoughts exactly! Why would you put an F1 champions name on the cheapest economy car the company makes? Oh Subaru…really missed the mark on THAT one.

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