Get This Kid to a Race Track

By now, everyone has heard the story, as the news article has been picked up by media around the world;. A local 11-year-old kid took his parents car this weekend, drove around his suburban neighborhood at speeds of 150 km/h, then wrecked while being chased by police.

Police got a call Sunday evening about a possible drunk driver. While heading to the scene, a car was seen speeding down on Anderson St in the opposite direction. Officers made a swift U-turn, turned on the sirens and began pursuit. The child behind the wheel tried to flee, lost control and crashed through a fence. Both the 11 year-old driver and 12 year-old passenger were unhurt and have been released to their parents.

Rather than punishing the boys (girls are way too smart to do this) the parents should take the kids right to the closest race track. It might save their lives.

Between Fast & Furious movies and iRacing simulators, how can a kid today be expected to ignore the temptation to want to go fast? Driving fast isn’t inherently bad. It’s all about circumstance.

The same behaviour that gets you a trophy at the race track (pushing a car faster and taking corners flat-out) can land you in jail or the hospital if done on public roads. And it’s no different for teenagers or adults, proven by the amount of stunt driving charges during the ‘shutdown’

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