The following message was received from management at Goodwood Kartways. Daniel Demaras is scheduled to receive recognition for his 2020 TRAK Championship and 2021 TRAK Championship at the awards ceremony.

To all TRAK Members:

We hope you are all just as excited as we are to get the season started.

With flurries falling on the track as we speak we have made a decision to postpone this weekends ‘2020/2021 Trophy Giving’ to later in April. When initially announced the hope was that this weekend would be ‘Opening Weekend for On-track Activities’. The plan made a lot of sense as most of you would have been out here turning your first laps of the season and there would be no better way to end the day then to hand out some well deserved hardware. With confirmation that the track won’t be open this weekend we will plan for later in April as the weather continues to improve.

A follow up email with PLAN B will follow in the coming weeks. We appreciate your cooperation.

Goodwood Kartways

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