With both Daniel Demaras and Chris Demaras moving up to amateur car racing in 2022, their goal was to save similar but unique helmet designs, recognizable as father and son.

Daniel Demaras’ helmet design has elements of 2009 F1 Champ Jenson Button’s helmet and early versions of 2016 F1 Champ Nico Rosberg’s lid. Chris Demaras looked back to the early 80’s and 1982 F1 Champ Keke Rosberg’s iconic helmet for inspiration. As Formula 1 drivers go, Keke was the King of Kool.

Rosberg’s helmet included large geometric shapes with radiused corners, against a white background. Simple, elegant and clearly visible. The design honoured Rosberg’s homeland of Finland by integrating the colours of the nation’s flag.

The rough copy of Chris’ helmet design, below, combine’s Demaras Racing’s ‘team colours’ of fluorescent yellow and black with a white crown, in a retro 80’s design, juxtaposed against Daniel’s sharp, angular, more modern version of the theme.

It’ll be very interesting to see the finished designs on the new Bell Racing GP-3 helmets.

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