Everybody remembers their first ride. For some people that happens at 16 when they get the hand-me-down family station wagon. For young racers, it happens earlier, when they get fitted for their first racing kart.

At almost 12-years-old, Miggy ‘The Migster’ Montano is already a rising star in kart racing. After a couple of strong years in A&D racing at Goodwood Kartways, he’s graduated to the Scholarship Team, and will be racing in TRAK this year, on board his own Intrepid F4K racing kart.

Daniel Demaras and Chris Demaras are big supporters of Miggy, proudly wearing his ‘merch‘ up on the podium. They’ve watched with great interest as this young lion started to roar. Exchanging a kind word before the big race, showing support for one another, this is what kart racing is all about.

seeing the images of Miggy getting fitted for his first kart brings up memories of that day in 2017 when Daniel got his first kart.

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