After four days at the track, in the blazing sun, your mind starts playing tricks on you. Would you believe it if someone told you they saw a dinosaur carrying two cups of hot coffee while walking down a rickety flight of stairs?

Is K1 Speed thinking about replacing Daniel is the No. 12 car with Bela the monkey? She has years of experience in Formula Vee.

The four colourful Vallis Motor Sport cars lined up like scoops of ice cream in a banana split. With practice, qualifying, Race 1 and Race 2 in the books, Sunday was going to come down to a 9:00 am shootout for position to set the grid for the Feature Race.

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5 thoughts on “VGP: Sunday Snapshots

  1. I saw you guys racing and at the pits as well, I was a bit shy to come over and say hello. Well done team!!! Was awesome to see all those Formula Vees racing.

    1. Its all good, brother. So glad you came out to see the race!

      What did you think? F1200 looks pretty slow when the F4 cars are on th track!

  2. I wonder how hard is to find parts for those engines. In Brazil, where we produced millions of Beetles, is already a pain to find quality parts for the boxer engines. Some Beetle racing leagues have already replaced the air-cooled mills for the 1.8 Golf engine.

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